03 November, 2008


EeePC 901 with Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

I have finally bought an EeePC 901, mainly to use for travelling.

I had been holding off for some weeks because I had hoped (in vain) that the Linux version with 20GB SSD and without a Windows XP license would become available here in Australia.

Anyway, I decided to try putting brand new Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex on it and I must say it worked really well. Here is what I did:
Everything else is pretty much ok. Apart from smaller fonts and makingg windows go above the top panel (with: gconftool-2 --set /apps/compiz/plugins/move/allscreens/options/constrain_y --type bool 0), I have not really made any changes.

I am typing this on the little keyboard of the 901 and it is actually quite usable even though I would not want to type pages and pages on it. (Somehow the Blogger editor behaves a bit funny, but I guess this has nothing to do with the hardware but if anything with Firefox 3.)

So far, I think this is an excellent little machine - it even plays Big Buck Bunny in 720p without any problems. ;-)

thats funny you just posted about this, i did the same thing with a 900 ( not 901 ) this weekend :)
Not Debian? *sniff*
Hi synergism (Ben) - good to see you around. :-)

Mea culpa.

I wanted something quick that gives me all the bells and whistles and this seems to currently be rather Ubuntu than Debian.

I do intend to try Debian as well. (Not much to back up on the 901 - it only has 12GB of mass storage.)
Ever since trying this all sound output is broken by silent periods, sometimes resulting in the video player I am using (it affects all of them) crashing.
Sometimes I get the error message that the audio device is already in use, or something like that.
I tried reversing the changes made to the conf file, but the problem persists.
PLEASE help!?
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