26 July, 2006


The best way to find out whether a bug is gone...

...is to close the bug report and to see what happens. Or so it seems:

I decided to finally close #291975 last week after having been unable to reproduce the problem for some months. I've done this once before about a year ago but the issue resurfaced straight after. :-( (I have filed #290722 and later #351367 in regards to this.)

Anyway. A few days after having closed the bug report for the second time, version 0.52.2-5.1of libnewt0.52 is released and brings the problem back again - I've filed a new bug for this: #379938. (Maybe I should have just updated #351367 instead, but then again the issue is so very clearly tied to version 0.52.2-5.1 of libnewt0.52 - and also, I'm sure Alastair will merge as required.)

In light of this, becoming superstitious looks like a viable option...


I really enjoyed reading this...

Greg must have given an amazingly insightful, inspiring, and amusing keynote at OLS:


I truly enjoyed reading this, maybe you will, too...

24 July, 2006


mindi-kernel package is going

I've taken a deep breath and finally filed a request to get the mindi-kernel package removed from etch and sid.

mindi-kernel has been obsolete and hasn't been used by mindi for some time with apparently no detrimental effects, also it has always been i386-only and thus was never available for amd64.

What got me finally over the line was the announcement that we will not ship etch with 2.4 kernels - yeah!

22 July, 2006


Bag of Little Fixes

mondo-2.08-2-3 and mindi-1.08-2-1 are now in incoming and hopefully soon at a Debian mirror near you.

Apart from (finally) fixing the compiler warnings on amd64 by changing some int variables to long and a fix for image sizes getting wrongfully changed in mondorestore's partition editor, this is mainly about reducing screen corruption during restore - for people using RAID and/or LVM, the newt screens should not get partially or totally overwritten by some crap anymore.

I spent quite some time on the screen corruption fixes, partially because I have little knowledge of newt, partially because restore runs are always a pain to trouble-shoot and partially (especially in retrospect) because I can be a bit thick at times. ;-) However, I feel that fixing these types of "cosmetic" issues is well worth the effort, because it improves user experience and increases faith in the software - pretty important, particularly the latter, especially for disaster recovery software like Mondo Rescue. (It obviously still has to live up to it! ;-))

The new versions were tested on sid amd64 and i386 with native kernels and using NFS as backup media. Oh, and mindi should now also build out of the box on Ubuntu Dapper Drake.

07 July, 2006


New mondo package: Fixes for some (longstanding) bugs & Ubuntu

mondo-2.08-2-2 fixes three bugs, namely #369321, #222052 and #292782.

I am particularly happy with the two latter ones even though they were only minor and wishlist, respectively. But they were fairly longstanding, and it makes me feel good that I finally got around to fixing them.

I've also gone through all the remaining bugs again, nagged the submitters where appropriate and closed some (with submitter agreement), especially the ones about LVM and RAID because I feel they have been fully addressed now. The result is that mindi has currently no open bugs and mondo is down to nine. Certainly not as cool as what Steinar H. Gunderson is doing to the RC bug count, but still not bad. ;-) Hopefully, I'll be able to get the bug count down even further.

I've also worked on Ubuntu support with the result that things should function out of the box on Dapper now, i.e. the package should build and run fine.

mondo-2.08-2-2 was tested on:
Enjoy. ;-)

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