02 May, 2007


Mondo Rescue 2.2.2 Packages Ready

New packages for amd64 and i386 are in unstable now. I did have to fix a few things here and there to get it to work. The biggest change is internal, however, I've finally moved to using upstream's install.sh script for the Debian package.

I've tested with kernels 2.6.18-4-amd64 (amd64) and 2.6.18-4-k7 (i386) and the usual assortment of nasties, i.e. NFS, AFS, LVM & RAID using NFS as restore media and amd64 and i386 as platforms.

Looks like 2.2.3 will be hot on its heels because of a bzip2-related issue with 2.2.2. (I normally use gzip, i.e. '-G' option, because it is heaps faster and compression rates are really only slightly worse.)

The file symlinks.tgz is missing from mindi-busybox
* Once I back-leveled mindi-busybox from 1.2.2-3 to 1.2.1-2 everything worked.
* Sorry, I couldn't re-up-level and see if the symlinks.tgz hangs around
** I don't know how to un-Force a package using Synaptic
* The mondorestore download for *.deb has the symlinks.tgz file, but has other problems.
Thanks for your work on mondorestore
... Lindsay
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