26 December, 2006


Mondo Rescue Debian News

I've used the Christmas time to do some work on Mondo Rescue:

I've uploaded mindi-2.20-2 which fixes RC bug #403454 and important bug #404315. Luckily, I only had to apply patches provided by Matija & Bruno - thanks guys! I've asked for the new version to be allowed into Etch but haven't heard anything yet (maybe I should have waited a few days first or something?).

Also, I've packaged the new pre-release version of Mondo Rescue. You can grab it from here: http://people.debian.org/~andree/packages/. I would much appreciate feedback on how things are working on Etch. So, if you take them for a spin, please let me know how it went, good or bad! The upcoming new release fixes a substantial number of bugs and comes with some notable improvements, so it should definitely be worth checking out.

Finally, when doing some testing I came across a problem with the stock Debian 2.6.18 kernel when used on a Mondo Rescue recovery media. It sometimes already hangs while booting and sometimes starts the restore only to hang later during formatting or even later during restore. This seems to only happen on i386 whereas amd64 is fine. It may also be restricted to my hardware (although it hangs in Qemu as well). 2.6.17 is fine btw. If anyone has an idea what could be causing this, that would be great as I haven't got the foggiest at the moment (there is no message whatsoever, it just hangs).

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