09 October, 2006


New Upstream Mondo Rescue Packages

I have just uploaded mindi and mondo 2.20 (version numbers are now the same for mindi and mondo).

This release marks a bit of a milestone in that we can ship the pristine upstream source in Debian for the first time because the busybox binaries were removed upstream. This together with the numerous bug fixes and stability improvements and combined with the fact that there are no revolutionary new features (despite the version number jump) made me decide to try and push the new upstream version into etch.

'Try' because although I've tested things quite thoroughly on both amd64 and i386, there is always a residual risk (one of my favourite alliterations ;-) ) of something bad slipping through. I think that taking this risk is justified, though, because 2.20 should be a definite improvement over 2.09. Bruno and I worked really hard to get this released in time for etch (Thank you, Bruno, for making my priority your priority!).

While testing, I found #389931, #389729 and #390653 (Thanks for your great help, Russ!). I've also found that archiving to tape doesn't work for me (still gathering more information, so no bug report yet), but it also fails with 2.09, i.e. there is no regression.

Main testing was performed on:
Oh, and this also contains the fix for RC bug #391127.

People seem to be using Mondo Rescue on 'vintage' versions of Debian which is presumably due to Mondo Rescue being disaster recovery software. So, I've made a change to post-nuke suggested by Augustin Amann (Thank you, Augustin!) to make people using the latest packages on sarge happier. I'm still in two minds about adding versioned depends on grep and binutils to make the life of woody (!) users a bit easier as well.

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