12 September, 2006


Easy Peasy AFS on Debian

Bug #385790 prompted me to set up an AFS client on my sid installation. This is something I hadn't done since I left uni almost nine years ago. Back then it was a bit fiddly to get the Transarc AFS client for Linux to work if I remember correctly.

Things have quite obviously improved since then. The following is all that was required (with some helpful information provided by the submitter - thanks, Kevin!):
(The need to reconfigure may be a bug, not sure.)

In summary, OpenAFS and Sam Hartman's packaging effort make AFS a breeze to install on Debian!

Now all I have to do is find the time to fix the bug. ;-)

[Update] Important detail I forgot to mention: Open port 7001 on your firewall for UDP.
[Update] Added what to answer, i.e. 'Yes'. Doh.

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