20 August, 2006


Aurelien Jarno is my hero! (New mindi-busybox package)

There was this long-standing problem with Mondo Rescue that during restore runs the virtual consoles wouldn't work on amd64. I managed to finally track this down to a rather bizarre bug in glibc.

The problem is actually fixed in glibc 2.4. When I found out that 2.4 is not going to make it into etch, I asked whether the fix could be backported to 2.3. To my total delight, this is exactly what Aurelien did! Thank you a lot, indeed! :-)

Without further ado I thus bring you mindi-busybox-1.2.1 with working virtual consoles. (The only other noteworthy change is that there is a link now from /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts in the restore system to keep the new upstream busybox happy.)

Testing was done on:

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