14 June, 2006


Long time, no blog

I just noticed that I haven't written anything for more than three weeks, so I thought it's time to give a little bit of an update:

Packaging mindi 1.0.8 and mondo 2.0.8 is coming along nicely, albeit with more work involved than I was actually hoping for. I've put together a bit of a list of issues and their workarounds. Interestingly enough, nothing of this stuff is actually related directly to Mondo Rescue.

I have put some effort into LVM2 support and am now able to restore an amd64 Sid system with RAID and LVM2 (on top of RAID; /boot is still a normal partition because I like grub). Also, I have added a post-nuke script that rebuilds initrd images to adjust them to things like different IDE controllers on the restore system. It still has some shortcomings which I hope to address in future versions.

Hopefully, I'll be able to release new packages within the next few days.


First let me thank you for your work on this _so_ usefull piece of software and briging it ready to use on our beloved Debian OS :)

Then, just dropping a note to tell you that I'm successfuly running GRUB with /boot on RAID1.


Hi Jérémie,
Thanks a lot for pointing this out, I'll check this out sometime soon.
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